Thursday, 2 April 2015


Hello April, what better way to enter a new month than with a 4 day weekend? Now we're (hopefully) going into spring I'm ready for time to slow down, I'm longing for some vitamin D like you wouldn't believe.

But first, in March I...
  • visited some of my best friends in Cardiff;
  • met Catwoman**
  • went on our first 'three pieketeers' outing - we love pie;
  • admired the spring flowers popping up everywhere;
  • spent mothers day at the beach thinking about my Mum;
  • watched the solar eclipse;
  • bought countless bunches of tulips;
  • wore lipstick for the first.time.ever;
  • celebrated my 28th birthday.
Here's hoping for a warmer, sunnier month ahead.



  1. Lipstick is a superpower all of its own.

    Sending you all the vitamin D I can spare (which admittedly isn't much but it's the thought that counts). Happy four day weekend to you.
    M x

  2. Does April hold another pie outing? I hope so!

  3. Love tulips and have recently started making pies. Best new (not new) invention ever!

  4. It's not looking too promising at the moment but there will definitely be another pie outing in May.