Friday, 24 April 2015

Monthly Thrift | March

Oh dear, it's almost May and I had completely forgotten to share my thrifty purchases from March. Since the weather has been warming I've been getting back into the groove of car boot sales & rummaging through charity shops. March was a pretty great month, I scored a fab dress and some awesome china. 

I picked up this book in the charity shop because I love the cover, and cowboys. It turns out my Dad also collected them back in the 70s and still has them, I know where I get my excellent taste from!!

I can't take credit for the Hornsea, Rich picked that up for me so my collection is getting pretty big now. I'm now on the hunt for a display cabinet for it all.

It was a quiet month for vinyl shopping, but as these were 25p each I can't complain. And now the dress... I don't usually wear pink but I love it and it has pockets!! 

Have you bagged any bargains lately?



  1. Oooh that's a pretty dress! I haven't thrifted anything in ages!

  2. The dress is really nice and I love the green china, is that the Hornsea? If so, I think I have part of a blue set of it (damn, didn't know it was collectable, I just kept the tea and coffee pot!

  3. That's an amazing dress! I definitely judge how much I love my dresses by the presence of pockets... ;)

  4. Ooh I love the dress! And the Arcopal set, I collect that myself, I love the pattern - it's so summery! :-) xx