Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The best gift you could ever give

Something that's been in the media a lot lately is raising awareness about signing up to the Organ Donor Register. There are so many people waiting for a call to say "we've found you a liver/heart/lungs etc" that will save their life every single day, yet only a fraction of the population has signed up to the register. I appreciate that this can often be a tricky topic of conversation and it's our individual right to choose whether we register or not, it may even go against religions, but to me it's a no brainer. 

When talking about money people will often say 'you can't take it with you', so why are we not of the same mentality when it comes to our organs? I know the two are very different, but the principles are the same. What use are they to us once we're gone? I signed up to the register when I was 18 and regularly check my details are up to date. I would love to think that should something happen to me, that I would be able to save  another persons life, someones mother/father/daughter/son/sibling/partner, because really what will I need them for? 

The last thing I want to do is start preaching that you should all sign up, even though I do think you should ha, but have a think about how you would feel if you were living every day waiting for that organ, not knowing if your time will run out? And not just that, what the families of these people are going through too? The pain they must watch and feel, the loss when their loved one doesn't receive that life saving organ in time?

It's definitely food for thought.

Thanks for reading, sorry it's been a bit of a bummer but hey, it can't hurt to spread the word right?


Friday, 1 February 2013

And I guess that's why they call it the blues..

Hello February, as always I am ever so pleased to see you. I know I'm not the only one who gets the January blues but blimey they seemed to go on forever this year. I'm sat here drinking my cuppa and pondering what it is that makes January such a dull month and have come up with the following: After months of planning for Christmas it's over in a flash. All the pretty lights and decorations are put away in their boxes, jeans are a little tighter on the belly (queue the leggings), not to mention how empty our bank accounts look, all in all it's pretty rubbish. And then there's the darkness. Even though we've had the shortest day, it's still dark and dingy when you get up in the mornings, and just as bad when you leave work, so you feel like you miss all of the day light, apart from what you can see out of the office window that is. It's just pretty rubbish really. 
Then there are the little surprises that come your way, like getting to two days before payday, feeling the excitement creeping in, and then your car breaking down and the realisation that you're going to be just as skint in February as you were in January kicks in, yayyyy (sarcasm!!).

So needless to say I'm pleased to see the back of January. February is already starting off nicely, I'm house and cat sitting for my Dad this weekend so it's like going for a weekend away to a country retreat. I fully intend to get the log fire going, have numerous hot chocolates, finish some craft projects, and take a well deserved trip to the beach to blow away the cobwebs. I will also be facing one of my fears and sticking my hand in a cats mouth. You see before I met Rich I used to have a massive fear of Cats. I don't know why, it was just something about how they look at you like they want to pounce and stick their claws in. Anyway one of the cats is on medication so I will be hand feeding her tablets twice a day, wish me luck. 

What are your plans for the weekend? I hope you all manage to get out and enjoy the sunshine and fresh weather. Dafodils and Crocus' are starting to appear so spring is well and truly on it's way YIPEEE!!!

Have a good one.


Oh beautiful Kitchenaid..

Did you know that this month the lovely Kaelah over at Little Chief Honeybee is holding one of the best blog competitions ever? Well now you do!

She is giving us lot a chance to win a Kitchenaid. I've been drooling over these for years but never had the funds to justify buying one. To win one however would be totally amazing and if I did I'd invite you all around for tea and cakes.

So hop over and have a read of her beautiful blog, I think you'll agree that her recent wedding photos are just lovely.