Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Me Time with Jim Jellyfish

Last night I had to drive over to Sidmouth to pick up an art deco tea trolley I'd scored on eBay (thanks Jules) so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take myself off for a walk along the beach. I'm so glad I did because the weather was perfect, no one was around and it was great to just sit and watch the sea play around with time lapse. 

I'd read in the paper that some beastly jellyfish had been washed up on the beaches, they weren't wrong. This dude, named Jim, looked like a proper little alien, I love it!

Sidmouth's beach hut and architecture game is so strong, I mean look at those pastel colours? I want one! 

I'm loving spring so far. It's great knowing that we have all of summer, and lots of trips to the beach, to look forward to.



  1. Always the best feeling to wander a deserted beach. Though I'm glad I weren't there with Baker as he'd of been a little too interested in that jelly fish for my liking.
    Not to sounds too strange, but you have such cute feet!


  2. the first and last photo made me want to go out wandering the South of england. its so pretty in the sunshine! Jelly fish are fascinating. Until you get stung by one.

  3. I *love* those sandals! They're gorgeous and very reminiscent of 'The Red Shoes'. Your shots of Sidmouth are very pretty too! :-) xx

  4. Oh Sarah, I love your beautiful photos. creepers out by Mr Jelly though x

  5. Such a pretty place for a walk! And what a beast of a jelly fish!