Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Whether you love or hate swans you cannot deny how beautiful they are. One of my favourite things about living by the river is walking past these birds every day, especially in spring/summer when there a cygnets and goslings all over the place. As you can imagine this means I end up taking far too many photos but usually end up doing nothing with them, until now.

My main reason for sharing these photos with you is down to a truly horrible thing that I witnessed last week. While I was walking home I did my usual stop to watch the cygnets playing around. As I was walking up the slip way to the bridge 2 swans started running towards me, being chased by a man who was laughing hysterically. One of the swans lost its footing and fell down the bank into the river, on top of a father swan with cygnets. The father swan obviously thought the other swan was trying to attack his babies so he attacked and then drowned the swan, all because it was chased by this stupid man. A few of us were shouting at him to stop chasing them but it was over before we could do anything to stop it. I cried and called the police (who were useless). How anyone could hurt an animal is something I will never understand, and incidents like this are exactly why I prefer animals to humans. 

So to celebrate the beauty of these magnificent creatures, here is some major swan photo spam. Enjoy...



  1. that is just awful, i'm sitting here in work wanting to bawl my eyes out. What a complete idiot that guy was. What was his reaction to the swan being drowned? was there any remorse?

    1. He laughed the whole time and stood their staring at the water. He mumbled 'where's it gone?' a couple of times before he got bored and walked off. I was SO angry and upset for the swan.x

  2. How awful :( What a horrible person xxx

  3. O gosh! That is absolutely horrid, I really do hate humanity sometimes. I'm unsure how I would have handled such a situation, I expect with total rage if i'm honest. Well done you for calling the police and sorry they were not more help. x

  4. Oh my, that's just terrible. People can be so so stupid and cruel at times. OK, swans are a little scary, but they are beautiful creatures and deserve respect!