Monday, 7 July 2014

Adventures in Exeter #6

One of my favourite little gems in Exeter is the Book Cycle shop, a small charity set up by Anthony, a lovely guy who collects donated (or found) books and sells them for donations or sends them abroad, with the intention of making books readily available for everyone without breaking the bank. The money raised from selling the books is then used to ship the books to Africa and to plant trees in the UK, cool huh?

So anyway Rich and I like to mooch over there once a month for a root around and to see what books we can find to add to our collections. Located next to the house that moved it is in a beautiful, tiny old building full of charm and um mustiness. I love it's quirkiness and the variety of books on offer, plus the shop dog is usually around and he is awesome.

We then dodged the showers and headed home via the quay and river to get some fresh air and take a couple of photos. The swans were cracking me up, such inquisitive little things!

Just to warn you, I have taken a million and one photos of the swans and their cygnets over the last couple of weeks so prepare for a major swan themed post. 



  1. That's a real neat idea for a book shop. Swans kinda freak me out a little, they never look that friendly! Also I love that purple flower, really beautiful photo.

  2. There's definitely something intimidating about swans but they're so beautiful.
    Thank you :)

  3. That is an amazingly comfortable looking shop also that man sounds like a saint. I have a love for books and its so nice to see someone combining their love with good deeds. I also get a little freaked out by birds I guess I always imagine they are going to come over and nip me with their beaks, like geese always look ferocious.