Friday, 18 July 2014

Hereford Cathedral

When we ventured up to Hereford for Amy & Stu's wedding, we decided to stick around on the Sunday and see a bit of the city and grab some food with my lovely friends before we all headed home. As we were a bit short on time we strolled around the town and then headed to the Cathedral to admire the architecture and sunbathe on the grounds.

Although I am not religious, I absolutely love churches and cathedrals for their beautiful architecture. I have so much admiration for anyone who has the vision to design such a huge, stunning building, plus the historical aspect is also pretty fascinating.


The church above was next to our hotel and so so pretty, I wish we'd popped inside but it seemed a bit rude as it was a Sunday.

If you have any recommendations for some great architecture, or know of any abandoned buildings/ruins I would LOVE to hear about them.



  1. What stunning buildings! I'm the same as you- no interest in religion but I do love a fancy church! One day I would love to convert and live in one (partly so I could go on Grand Designs and meet Kevin McCloud :p) xxx

  2. Oh my I totally feel the same way, Im not very religious even though I was raised Catholic but I still admire the architecture and history of churches and cathedrals, some are just so gosh darn pretty.

  3. I love cathedrals too, even though I'm not religious. I tend to stay outside as I prefer the architecture than the inner religious decorations.