Monday, 21 July 2014

Around my city #7

A couple of weeks ago Rich and I headed over to Topsham for a mooch around the charity shops. I probably blog about this place too much, but sod it, I love it! Because it's quite a wealthy/retirement town you can often get some amazing finds in the charity shops, including a lot of Dorma fabric, winning!! While we were walking through the town we passed the church where a crowd had gathered for a wedding. We felt a bit weird about the idea of photographing strangers on their wedding day, but it seemed ok to take a few snaps of the horse and carriage.

A couple of the 'Topsham Ten' pubs are right on the river, so obviously we stopped for a drink and to admire the scenery while we planned what to do next. I then had a call from my sister to say she was popping into a local farm shop so we headed over to join them for a bit, any excuse to see Jack. I can't quite believe that he will be 3 in 6 weeks, time goes way too fast but he is still completely obsessed with tractors, as you can see. We played a game where he was the tractor driver and I kept pretending that he had run me over and fell to the floor over, and over, and over. He loved it!

Hope you had a great weekend. I am shattered from a day of digging up at the allotment on Saturday, and then spontaneously deciding to rearrange our living room after picking up a beautiful dresser, pictures to follow.



  1. I love the boats in the first picture! It's nice to find a place that you really love to visit and can always go back there.

  2. Jack is SUCH a poppet - I'm not surprised you can't help yourself from seeing him whenever you can; he has the most adorable apply cheeks I've ever seen! xxx