Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Taking Stock | June

I was reading Katie's 'taking stock' post and thought I'd give it a go myself. It's amazing me how quickly this year is disappearing so what better way to document what's been happening than with one of these posts?

Making: Strawberry jam with the excess strawberries from the allotment
Cooking: Halloumi and cous cous with salads - who wants hot food in the heat?
Drinking: Peach iced tea, a LOT 
Reading: The Shining by Stephen King
Wanting: Salt Water sandals in every colour
Looking: at places to visit
Playing: The Gaslight Anthem - we just got tickets for their autumn tour
Deciding:  what to plant on the allotment next - it's time to plan winter veg.
Wishing: I had more pennies to travel more, I'm itching to go to London to see great friends, old & new
Enjoying: The great weather we've been having
Waiting: for pay day
Liking: 90s grunge being everywhere
Wondering: if I can pull off wearing a kimono
Loving: How much of a chatterbox Jack has become.
Pondering: how people can be so cruel
Considering: what do with my life/career (for a change)
Hoping: we continue to have a productive year on the allotment
Marvelling: at the thunderstorms over the past weekend.
Needing: more hours in the day.
Following: over a thousand people on instagram, I am addicted
Noticing: how much we take things for granted
Knowing: I need to sort my finances out. I feel some spreadsheet fun times coming on.
Thinking: About how incredible nature is. Rich & I were watching a documentary about Dolphins and I started thinking about what animals actually call themselves. We've given ourselves and animals their names, but what do they call themselves, and us, in their own languages? Fascinating really.
Admiring: Katie and Reuben's journey to simple living
Smelling: Summer air, it's the best smell
Wearing: Salt water sandals every.single.day
Sorting: through all my clutter, there is a lot!
Buying: old Readers Digest books from the charity shops. Hunting for them is stopping me from buying yet more clothes. 
Getting: inspired to redesign my blog
Bookmarking: blog template ideas
Opening: this months Simple Things magazine
Giggling: at Orange is the new black, who isn't?
Snacking: flat/doughnut peaches  
Coveting: buying a house with a garden
Helping: my Dad & Julie out by house and cat sitting while they went away
Feeling: proud of our achievements at the allotment
Hearing: the birds chirping like crazy 

Please let me know if you write a similar post, I'd love to read it.



  1. Sounds like a busy month! Perhaps you could sell some of your sorted clutter for some pennies to go to London? :) xxx

    1. Definitely a good idea. I've been saving up for a new camera so the next goal will be London :) xx

  2. Strawberry season is my favourite season! I really enjoy this kind of post ,I might try one myself :) *Copies your post for reference*