Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Day trippin #3 It's Boss time!

after what has literally been months of waiting, the day of the bruce springsteen concert was finally here! i am a MASSIVE springsteen fan so had been getting seriously excited about going to his concert. The gig was at the Etihad stadium in Manchester, so we set off at 11am for the 4 hour *cough* journey, allowing plenty of time to get there. but no, with horrendous weather, flooding on the m6 and too much traffic, it took 7 and a half hours and missing the first song before we arrived *sob*. 

needless to say as soon as i was in my seat i forgot all about the awful journey, because it was time for over 3 hours of bruce and that was all i cared about. as always he did not disappoint. it always amazes me that at 62, he still has the energy of a 20 year old running all over the stage. i was also pretty excited about seeing stevie van zandt too, i love the sopranos and his 'it's boss time' comment at older concerts still gives me goosebumps. there was a lovely tribute to clarence, who passed away last year. it was really sad to see the e street band without him, but also brilliant that his nephew has joined the band, also playing the sax. 

Photos thanks to my good friend Laura.

it was a truly amazing concert and i can't tell you how much you should go if you get the chance. he never fails to put on a brilliant show and will not let you down. even if you have to go to america, get tickets right this second, go go gooooooo!!!



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  1. Wow.... lucky you! I wouldn't mind seeing him. I've completed your award... thank you xx