Friday, 20 July 2012


Well thank god it's Friday. This week seem's to have dragged on forever. Every day I've gone to work, come home and cleaned and tidied the house due to a few viewings and not being able to leave a dish in the sink etc etc. But now Friday is finally here I'm getting excited about the arrival of two of my favourite friends from uni. Although there were originally going to be 5 of my bestest chums coming to visit, numbers have dropped and now there are two. 

What do we have planned? Well the weatherman as threatened some of this sunshine malarky so with that in mind Saturday will be spent showing them around my home town of Exeter, some shopping, coffees, lunch etc. They will finally get to meet my Mr Pomps, and he will get to meet them :) With Amy being gluten free and Kelly being a veggie, it took me a while to think of a suitable meal to feed them, so I've gone with 5 bean chilli, nom! We'll veg out in our pjs, watch films, eat sweets and catch up on EVERYTHING. Then sunday will have to include a trip to the beach, picnic etc before saying goodbye, boo :(

Here are a couple of pics from this time last year, when we were at uni and not really caring too much about anything beyond graduation. Plus I think these photos sum our nights out up pretty well, Flares, fake moustaches, silly faces and LOTS of smiles!!

Hope you all have a good weekend.



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