Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Day trippin #4 Killerton House & Gardens

After a hectic saturday morning doing various things for my nan, and having the same conversations 5 times, mr pomps and i thought we'd go for a stroll along the river exe. I just bought new Split cam camera so wanted to have a play around with it. We saw the most amazing caterpillar, as snapped below, he was quite the beasty. 

Sunday was meant to be a dry, sunny day, so after getting up at the crack of dawn to get the washing done and on the line we headed out for the day. Our first stop was the Craft Hub fair in Topsham, full of beautiful handmade treats and scrummy cakes from Kiss and bake up, obviousy I had to have one! We then had a brief look around the toy fair at Westpoint where mr pomps' dad had a stall, i definitely know nothing about old toys because it all seemed over priced to me and there were far too many dolls for my liking, shudders!
By far though they favourite part of the day was a visit to Killerton House and Gardens. As it's literally down the road from where i live it seemed like an ideal place to go. Unfortunately for mr pomps, i wanted to go to take photos of the flowers, but we had a good look around the house and used it as an opportunity to play around with our new cameras. Here are a few photos from our weekend...
The very hungry caterpillar, the river exe & cow parsley
very old dresses, a grandfather clock and a portrait
Ration books, typewriter, children's books and old books
Beautiful chandelier, paintings, thimbles and mr pomps & i
bloody lovely flowers
Hope you all had a great weekend too, shame it goes so fast hey? 




  1. Looks like a lovely day out :) Who's Mr Pomps?? Have I missed something? :) x

    1. Rich is Mr Pomps, it's a nickname his mum gave him when he was tiny, ha! You've been to Killerton haven't you? They've done up inside the house x