Friday, 27 July 2012

Day trippin' #5 Castle Drogo

Recently, Mr Pomps and I have been taking advantage of my Dad's National Trust membership and have been visiting a few of their places. You would have seen that we went to Killerton House and Gardens a couple of weeks ago in a previous post. This time we headed a little further out of Exeter to Castle Drogo. Being only a couple of miles off the A30 and about 20 mins out of Exeter it was ideal, and to make it even better... it DIDN'T rain :) 

So anyway, Castle Drogo was built in the 1910's for Julius Drewe, and was the last castle to be built in England, and entirely of granite. The castle was given to the National Trust in 1974, and was the first 20th century property that they acquired. After a fair bit of restoration and major roof repairs, more and more of the house is being opened to the public. So here we go, my photos through the fisheye lens...
Mr Pomps pulling a silly pose in front of le castle!
The library and games room
More of the library and piano
The living room
Dining table
Beautiful stove
One of the living areas joined to the bedroom
A pair of goons
The goons again
Pia, pia, piano
Windswept outside the castle
Just a snipit of the gardens
The view from the gardens into the Teign Valley
Mr Pomps
This has been one of my favourite National Trust properties so far. I was totally amazed by the architecture and how it was so warm inside despite being made of granite. Sadly Mr Pomps has said we can't live there, so my hunt for a castle will continue (let's face it, it'll probably be of the bouncy variety).

Now go visit, right now!!



  1. I went for the 1st time last Sept for the 1940's weekend... I loved it!! :) x

  2. ooo ooo I plan to go soon (it's on the list, the list is long, but it's there)!

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