Wednesday, 27 June 2012

You're having a Giraffe!

Last night Mr Pomps and I decided to go out for a meal. I'd been fancying a trip to Giraffe after seeing their 'Burger Tuesdays' offer, any burger for £5.95. The menu looked good, the photos were mouth watering etc. As I've given up red meat I ordered the Rodeo Chicken Burger, the photo from the menu is on the left. What I got however, was a big piece of charcoal in a bun and a bowl full of over cooked and dried out fries. It really wasn't a nice meal at all, and judging by a couple on another table complaining too, I don't think we were the only ones that thought so!

Needless to say I will be writing a letter of complaint. It comes to something when a microwaved burger from Wetherspoons, which is £3.99 inc a drink, is better than a burger from Giraffe that usually costs £10.95. 

That's my little rant over but hey, if it saves you having a bad meal there too it can't hurt right?

Happy Wednesday. 



Just a little update, I had a response from Giraffe apologising for the bad food and giving us a £25 voucher to spend on 2 main meals. Not too bad eh, let's just hope the foods better next time! 

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