Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Born in the wrong era?

for a long time now i've often thought that i was born in the wrong era. i don't know whether it was was my taste in fashion, music or body shape that first made me think this, but it's definitely been on my mind for as long as i can remember. when i was at secondary school i spent a few years trying to fit in before realising that what i liked and how i wanted to dress wasn't the same as my friends and i should be myself. sure i listened to the popular boy bands, had a crush on shane from westlife and that one from boyzone just like my friends, but i'd been brought up on classic rock, and that's what i really wanted to listen to. i gradually found my feet and started buying my kind of music, not my friends. when they listened to chart music, i listened to blink 182 or the eagles, and i was much happier. i definitely became an indie kid, i was all about the boy fit jeans, converse and band tshirts, part of me still is. i never wore dresses, skirts or heels, i liked my trousers and skate shoes. i wasn't slim like my friends, i never have been and i've come to terms with that over the years. 

The Eagles, taken from their website
during my late teens my style began to change, i started buying dresses and heels, and i actually liked it. being a bit on the chubber side can make it more of a challenge. trying to find nice mid length dresses/skirts that don't look like they're designed for an 80 year old can be a struggle, and always having to wear leggings under anything shorter than knee length can be a drag, but i don't let it stop me wearing pretty things. i have a big love of vintage/retro/50s fashion and i'm enjoying looking for new and old things all the time. it's also been really helpful having longer lengths being in fashion at the moment, it definitely makes it easier to buy nice clothes for my shape. now that the fashion industry is starting to accept that we aren't all size 0 i can only hope these longer lengths will continue, theres only so much flesh i want to flash on a hot summers day thank you! i've been taking advantage of the summer sales and treated myself to these (it's only now that i've seen them next to each other that i've realised how similar they are oops)..

Image 1 of ASOS Midi Summer Dress With Rope Print 
1. ASOS midi dress
2. Urban Outfitters Midi Dress

i also found these wedges in a charity shop a month or two ago. i already have them in navy from last summer but these were the colour i really wanted (thanks to my big old clown feet they had sold out in an 8 so i bought the navy instead). i'm looking forward to pairing them up with these dresses next time the sun comes out.

last night we watched 'The Help', after reading the book i was really looking forward to seeing the film. it made me realise how much i love vintage fashion. the dresses were below knee length and women looked classy. maybe i'm old before my time but nothing annoys me more than seeing young girls with barely an inch of skin covered, and by young this even includes teenagers these days. nothing is being left to the imagination, class barely exists and i find it really sad. whenever the sun comes out you can guarantee at some point in the day i will be thinking 'i would never have been allowed out of the house wearing that', i thought parents wanted to protect their children's innocence?

anyway i guess my reason behind this post is that it doesn't matter what your style is as long as you're comfortable. peer pressure shouldn't matter (even though sadly it does). we will never be happy with ourselves if we're trying to fit in with others expectations of us. i've learnt this a lot over the last few years and my confidence grows the more i care about being myself and less about what others expect of me. so sorry dad, but there are more tattoos to come and the hair might get redder!

if you have any tips on buying lovely vintage inspired clothes for curvier girls please let me know, i'd love to hear from you!



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