Friday, 8 June 2012

My Jubilee weekend


Saturday was a lovely day. As I hadn't been to see my Nanny Cornwall (we've always called our grandparents by where they live, so Nanny Cornwall and Nanny Exeter), my sister invited me to go and see her with them for the day. We set off bright and early in an attempt to avoid the bank holiday/half term traffic heading down to Cornwall, obviously this didn't happen has some silly person tipped their caravan over on the A30 so we had to go on a bit of a diversion. We eventually made it down to St Austell and arrived at my Nan's. It was great to see her, she's 87 now and as every year goes by more and more old stories come out, I love it! We went out for lunch, laughed, talked and caught up on all the family gossip before heading back to her flat for a cuppa and so Jack could have a nap. 

Every time I see either of my Nan's I realise how lucky I am to have them, and I must make more effort to see them more regularly (watch out Nanny Exeter, I'll be in to see you over the next few day's). As much as we moan about getting roped into adjusting the curtains or going through junk mail, it's nothing compared to all that they've done for us, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them. 


Naturally being bank holiday weekend the weather was rubbish!! We were stumped for something to do so spent the day doing the mundane errands and pottered around doing the bits and bobs we needed to do, aka a trip to Tesco, Dunelm Mill and Toys R Us in search of Nerf guns. We then headed to Darts Farm for a bit of a browse and a quick chin wag with the lovely Helen, followed by a stroll around Topsham and a drink at The Lighter Inn. Topsham is my favourite place in Devon, it's beautiful and a lovely little community. 

View of the River Exe from The Strand at Topsham
Topsham via BBC Devon
We then had a fun night of chess, tea, knitting and films!


With the weather looking slightly better, we decided on having a day out. I'd mentioned going to Escot a few weeks ago so we made up a packed lunch and went off for the day. It's not a huge place and £8.50 entry for an adult is kind of steep, but when you see what they do and where your money goes it really is worth it. 

The animals and birds are really fantastic. I've only shared a few photos with you here, there are many more. We started off looking at the Otters and birds, then followed the trail through the 'fantasy forrest', which had a giant photo frame that you could have your photo taken in, a death slide and park so lots of entertainment for children, lots of beautiful plants and trees, and even more animals. While we were there we watched the Otter feeding and learnt a bit about them, then there was my favourite - the bird show. There was a lot of interaction with the kids, they could even volunteer to go and hold the birds. This was topped off with a go around the maze, I got to the middle first! 

A few of the birds of pray.

More birdies
Mr P on the steps, Mr peacock and the Boars
Mr P lost in the maze (har har I made it to the middle first), Foxgloves, Myself and Mr P

It really is a good, fun day out. It's great value for money, close to Exeter and just off the new A30 so ever so easy to get to.


Tuesday turned out to be a bit of a let down. The weather was horrendous so quite literally dampened our spirits. I'd been looking forward to the 'Jubilee on the Quay' event for weeks, so our plan was to run a few errands, pop into Go Outdoors (I treated myself to a camping kettle), and then go to the Quay. We donned our wet weather gear and arrived to find...nothing! There was nothing to say it was rained off so I can only assume everyone packed up early. I was gutted :(

BUT this was not about me, it was Queenie's weekend and she looked amazing. I have so much admiration for the woman, if I'd been in her shoe's I would have been shattered after 2 day's, but she carried on even without Prince Phillip at her side - let's hope he's well and home again soon. Congratulations Queenie, 60 years of amazing work, you're a credit to our country (sorry your concert sucked though)!

Photo from the BBC



  1. I agree, the queen did so well, I would have been so tired after all the standing! I love the photos of the birds. I always feel the same about visiting my nans - I really must do it more often! xxx

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like that about all of those. xx