Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Tents & Tigers!

Hello you lovely lot! This post is slightly overdue (I meant to do it last week but got a bit pre-occupied with various activities), so I apologise that it has taken so long! If you can think back beyond the gloomy weather we have had the last couple of days, you'll remember the glorious sunshine we had the week before last. And because it was so lovely, Mr P and I decided to go camping in Dartmouth for the weekend to make the most of the sunshine. On Saturday morning we loaded the car, filled the cool bag with camping munchies and set off for a weekend of awesomeness.

Saturday: Dartmouth

After a recommendation by Mr P's sister we arrived at the Little Cotton camp site. I cannot recommend this place enough. It's a lovely family run business on the edge of Dartmouth, it's amazing value, has the best showers/loo's I've ever seen (I'm not one for slumming it too much in the toilet department), and it's in the perfect location - at the top of the hill, opposite Sainsbury's and next to the Park and Ride (£2 unlimited travel for up to 6 people) so you don't have to worry about parking in the town, plus it runs until 11pm if you want a few drinks etc. 
So we pitched up our tent and filled our bellies before heading down into the town...

Home for the night.
A view from one of the Canon holes at the old castle
View of Kingswear from Dartmouth
I wouldn't say no to living here!
Don't ask me why, I just love these old signs!
Mr P - this is Dartmouth
Mr P
Mr P & I
Unfortunately after walking around the town for hours, we realised there weren't actually that many places to eat, unless you wanted fish and chips of course. So we decided to head back to the camp site, jump in the car and pop over to Totnes for a lovely pizza at Rumour, followed by a stroll along the river. 

Just a couple of boats floating away at Totnes.
That would be me, taking photos and looking far too serious!
Day 2: Dartmoor Zoo

As you know, I love a bargain, and before Easter there was an offer on Groupon for entry for 2 adults for £9 at Dartmoor Zoo. I'd always wanted to go so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. With Easter just around the corner and having tiny little nephew who has every toy under the sun, I thought getting tickets for a day out would be more fun, plus I'd get to spend some proper time with him too! 

The Zoo was fairly small which I liked, it was much less commercial than Paignton Zoo but still really nice. Sadly I was most excited about seeing the Raccoons, so of course they stayed in their little house and didn't come out and see me :( But it was great none the less. Some of the animals were: Wolves, a Tiger, Lions, a Leopard, a Cheetah, Monkeys, Emu's, Raccoons, and lots and lots of Peacocks. 

Here are just a few photos I thought I'd share with you, sorry about the Peacock obsession but look at those colours...

Hope you're all having a great week! I will be back asap with Jubilee tales.

Sarah xx

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