Monday, 12 May 2014

Adventures in Exeter #3

As promised I am back with a few photos from our recent mooch around St Bartholomew's Cemetery and the Catacombs. The catacombs, which are tucked away under the city wall, were originally built to accommodate 1,400 coffins in individual vaults on either side of the wall, segregated into Anglican and Dissenters, during the outbreak of cholera in 1832. Amazingly, before it was closed in 1949, the cemetery and catacombs had 17,552 interments.

There is always that moral dilemma about whether or not it is appropriate to photograph someone's grave isn't there? But I did so please don't judge me. Apparently you can go on proper tours of the cemetery and at one point you could go inside the catacombs. I am definitely going to look into this further, it would be fascinating (and morbid) to see the infrastructure from the inside. 

There is also a great view of St Michaels and All Angels church from the city wall, so we headed over there when we had finished exploring the cemetery. I love how black and white photos can turn something from being beautiful to spooky. I tried to find the house that my great grandparents used to live in, but I'm not sure if it has been knocked down or if my memory was rubbish and it was a bit further away from where I was thinking, hopefully the latter. 

We ended our walk with some stupid 'selfies' and getting angry at children that were scaring the swans and geese. Evidently I am an old lady and I do not appreciate shitty little kids scaring the wildlife ;)


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