Friday, 2 May 2014

My happy place

One evening last week when the weather was particularly lovely, Rich and I went for an evening stroll at Topsham. Topsham is by far my favourite place in Devon, a small town on the Exe estuary, lovely shops, great views and gorgeous houses, it is my dream to live there some day. If you like beautiful sunsets, you won't find a much better place to see one than here, the light and the colours over the estuary are amazing, it was no surprise that I look quite a lot of photos. 

A particular high light of the evening was making friends with this little fur ball. This cat followed us for ages, we would walk and he would follow, when we stopped to take photos he would rub against our legs, and I wanted to take him home. I also found a load of sea glass on the beach = win! 


We stayed until the sun was gone and then headed home, via Waitrose to get ice cream. It was a great night, so peaceful and beautiful. I'm looking forward to many more evenings like this over spring/summer.


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