Monday, 12 May 2014

Plant Pot Make Over DIY

A few weeks ago I saw a picture on Pinterest of some DIY painted terracotta pots. As we're in the process of building decking around our little shed on the allotment, I've been making plans of what to put on it, think table and chairs etc. but also plant pots full of flowers and herbs, things that smell nice while we're sat admiring our little plot and the view over Exeter.

Plant pots can be stupidly expensive for the nicey nice ones, and despite hunting around the tip pretty much every week, I hadn't found any liked. So I thought I'd buy some cheap terracotta pots and jazz them up myself.


You will need:
Terracotta pots (frost proof), I chose a variety of sizes ranging from 50p-£1.50 in Wilkinsons and Poundland
Emulsion tester pots
Paint Brushes
Masking tape
Elastic Bands
Old newspaper

1. Clean up the pots remove any stickers etc.
2. Use the masking tape to create the desired patterns that you want to achieve on the pot. If you want smooth lines & a wavey effect I recommend using an elastic band for this. I didn't and ended up with some rough edges.
3. Paint, paint, paint. I did 3 coats to get a smooth, thick finish.
4. Leave to dry. 

It's as simple as that!! I'm intending to get a couple more and paint them in a few more colours. I spent less than £10  for the pots and materials, and ended up with 8 pretty pots that I'm looking forward to fill.

It's nice to have actually made something that I've seen on Pinterest too.



  1. That is such a good idea! I really want to make our back deck although small more interesting and I really think this could be an option it does seem cheap and easy. Plus I like that you can use any colors you want

  2. Lovely! Great way to use up leftover paint too :)

  3. These are fab! I love them. I made some last year with spray paint. A year on, a lot of the spray paint has flaked off (giving them a rustic charm I rather like) but I think your tester pots idea is great. x

  4. Great idea to use tester pots. These look great!