Monday, 19 May 2014

Adventures in Exeter #4

On a rainy day there isn't a lot to do in Exeter. We wanted to go out but didn't want to spend much money so it was inevitable that we went to the Museum. I apologise if some of the photos are familiar, I have blogged about it before but never mind hey?

I wanted to go (again) to see the Gilbert & George exhibition. If you did A Level Art you will remember their crazy faces and blasts of colour well. There was also an exhibition on 'Intimate worlds', which was exactly what we thought it would be. Both exhibitions were really interesting, my favourite part being the winged penis and the comments section, who knew Exeter folk were so saucy? Sadly you couldn't take any photos as the art work was on loan from the Tate. 

My favourite part of the museum is always the taxidermy, I love me a stuffed and mounted animal/insect. It's amazing how the tiniest of insects are preserved like that isn't it? Plus the range of colours are just mind blowing. 

Hope you all had a great weekend.



  1. I recently went to a Nature Museum an there was so much taxidermy! Haha I love that there was a whole elephant at that museum thats pretty intense. I only got to see smaller scale animals. Also I love that display of watches!

  2. They have an amazing range of taxidermy in the Natural History Museum, in Brussels, I love going and just looking at it all.
    I love the penny farthing bike and all the pocket watches!

    ~ K