Monday, 3 February 2014

Amsterdam at dusk

My favourite time of day in Amsterdam was dusk. We were so lucky to have good weather everyday, and even better sunsets. Most evenings we would head back to the hotel at about 6pm to put our feet up & freshen up before heading out for dinner at around 7pm, just in time to watch the sun setting as we walked around looking for somewhere to have dinner. I love the silhouettes, reflections and colours of dusk, I'm pretty sure even the ugliest thing in the world would look good with a beautiful sunset around it. Looking back at these photos makes me long for spring/summer. The warm evenings, long days and tons of bike rides. 

And that my friends, was our trip to Amsterdam.


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  1. Aaah I love Amsterdam! I went in 2012 and its awesome! I'd love to go back because I think we cramed a bit too much in! How long did you go for?! Lovely dress by the way! xx xx