Friday, 31 January 2014

Amsterdam Day 4

On our fourth and final day in Amsterdam we spent most of our time wandering around the western canal rings. We browsed through the boutiques, sampled cheeses at the Cheese Museum, and dined on the biggest pancakes at the Pancake Bakery - which just happened to overlook the smallest house in Amsterdam. We did the mandatory visit to the Ann Frank museum, but the queue was hours long so we admired the wall plaque and continued to mooch. Typically we discovered a load of places that we would have loved to spend more time exploring, we did a lot of walking and stopped for many a drink to soak up as much of the culture (and people watching) as possible. It was kind of a weird day because there was still so much to see and do, but we were kind of glum because we knew we were leaving that day too. It definitely helped that we could leave our bags at the hotel & collect them just before we had to leave. Annoyingly we still had 4kg left on our baggage allowance so we could have bought loads of cheese!

Rich and I are itching to book another holiday. With a little help from Pinterest I think we'll be making a bucket list very soon.


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