Monday, 10 February 2014


I think I speak for everyone in the UK when I say that I've had enough of the rain now! It's no surprise that January and February have been the wettest since records began, and don't we bloomin' know it. The novelty of walking to and from work in the wind and rain, not being able to keep an umbrella up, and getting soaked through to my birthday suit has long worn off. Savings were dipped into to invest in a proper waterproof coat, rubber soled shoes were bought to prevent any more slipping, and hat hair has become a daily occurrence. For months I have been grumbling about the stupid weather, raining every weekend so work can't be done on the allotment, I can't go on bike rides or nice long walks, it's sucked. 

This last week has put things into perspective. Unless you live in a cave with no internet or tv you'll have seen how badly hit the south west has been by the elements. Farms are underwater, hundreds of homes have been evacuated and one of the most picturesque train lines in the country has been destroyed. The weekend before last Rich and I went to Dawlish for a stroll along the beach, a couple of days later you wouldn't believe the damage that has been done. I won't bore you with the details, you can see the amount of damage in the photos below (there is a link to the articles below if you want the full story).  

Everyday I cross the river Exe on my walk to and from work, so seeing it get higher and burst its banks is both scary and fascinating. Thankfully non of the businesses have been effected so far, and the local bird man has still been getting out to feed the swans and ducks twice a day, he's a local legend. It breaks my heart a little when you see how fast the birds float down the river in the current, and then the struggle to get out of the water. 

After another gloomy weekend, there weren't going to be any walks or allotment sessions. Rich and I have joined the gym so booked our inductions in for Saturday, which were followed by a work out. After popping home for a quick shower and change, we ventured out into the rain once again to peruse the charity shops and have a late lunch. Sunday was a day for errands, a trip to Lidl to get essentials and flowers, a drive out to Silverton to tidy up my Mum's grave & put fresh flowers down, and then an afternoon of sewing. I've acquired a massive pile of vintage fabrics, some of which have now been turned into cushion covers to brighten up my bedroom.

Hope you all had a great weekend, despite the weather.


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  1. Getting wet every day is no fun but you're right about people being worse off :( Thankfully we're still in our homes xx