Friday, 21 February 2014

Blowing Away The Cobwebs

Amidst the seriously rubbish weather that seems to have been around forever, we have actually had a couple of nice days, literally a couple. I've given up looking at the MET office app, it's always wrong (apart from checking the wind speed - nobody wants to see me having a Marilyn moment and flashing my bits), so when we woke up on Sunday and saw blue sky and sunshine, I pretty much jumped for joy, into my clothes and out the door with every intention of making the most of it.
Rich and I headed down to Dawlish Warren for a stroll along the beach. The tide was out so we got a good walk in until ear ache from the cold started kicking in. It was SO nice to get out in the sunshine and has made me long for spring even more. After a hot chocolate stop we headed home and finished our day of with another walk along the quay - you can't keep me inside when the sun's out!!

This weekend I'm heading to Bristol to see some of my favourite girls from uni. We've bagged a nights stay at the Hilton and have every intention of pampering ourselves in the spa, dining on good food, and visiting Ikea. It's going to be my first solo motorway drive (further than 20 miles) but at least I can play my music and sing my heart out all the way there and back again.

I hope you all have a fab weekend. 


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  1. Sunday was really lovely :) Have a fab time in Bristol xx