Friday, 17 August 2012


I've seen this on so many blogs, so I thought I'd give it a go myself...

Loving getting to spend so much time with my family at the moment. August is the birthday month from hell! Within 2 weeks I've had my sister's 30th, Dad's birthday and brothers 21st (see his amazing cake below), and I still have my siblings partners birthdays and my nephews 1st birthday to come within the next couple of weeks. It's manic but awesome, we don't spend nearly enough time together now we're all growing up and making our own lives so I appreciate it so much more when we do.

Reading The Chartered Insurance Institute CF1 exam study book. I bet you're so jealous hey? I mean what isn't to love about pensions, ISA's, mortgages, interest rates? It's a hoot! But hey, it's dog eat dog out there so any extra qualification is good with me. I also started reading 'We bought a zoo', after visiting Dartmoor Zoo where the story is about, it had to be read.

Watching True Blood Season 4. I'm actually kind of disappointed with this series. I've read ALL the books and absolutely love them, and found the first 3 series to be pretty similar and not a let down by any means. But this series I'm finding it a bit like Harry Potter, you read the books, loved it, and now you've watched the films the characters are no where near as good as they were in your head? I'll continue to watch it though because I still love the vamps. 

True Blood

Thinking about those who are no longer with us, wondering what they'd be like now and what life would be like if they were still here. One of those thing's I'm sure I'll always think about. 

Anticipating the big move! Like I said in my previous post, the family home is being sold so I'm on a big clear out and soon to be flat hunt. I'm not looking forward to leaving my home of 25 years but I am excited about new adventures and having MY own little place called home. 

Wishing that I can find a lovely little flat that isn't going to make me so poor that I can never leave it. So if you know of anywhere in Exeter please let me know :)

Making me happy, planning a mini break in Cornwall with Mr Pomps. We've bought some new camping gear and I've got a lot of holiday time to use up between now and christmas so we're going to hit the road, see some of Cornwall and visit my Nan. I'm very excited and hope the sun shines!



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