Monday, 6 August 2012

And then I fell in the river!

On Saturday Rich and I had booked a free two hour kayaking taster session at AS Watersports in Exeter. Rich has been wanting to buy a kayak, so it seemed like a good idea to go out and have a proper go on one first. We were pretty lucky in that there was only one other person in our group, which meant we could ask the instructor more questions and spend a bit more time on each kayak. In all honesty I had no idea there were so many different types, but this time I only tried a sit on top..

and a recreational kayak that you have to climb right into...

Even though there were a few rain showers I really really enjoyed it. We'd paddle along to the pontoons at various points along the canal, when we'd get there we'd all get out and swap boats to get a feel of what we liked the most. I went on two sit on's first, and then a recreational kayak last which I paddled back to the shop on. It really was brilliant. And then came the trouble. Being the only girl and the boys showing off getting out of the kayaks on their own, I was left to my own devices to 'roll' out too, simple hey? Nope, not for me. As I pushed myself up from the kayak to roll on to the pontoon, the kayak moved back and I fell into the river! Yep, waist deep, I was in there laughing like a fool having lost 1 shoe and finding it far too funny to pull myself up. 
It wasn't until the evening that I realised that I'd completely battered my legs, and that some pretty epic bruises were coming to the surface...

Impressive huh? Despite the beasty bruises it was an awesome way to spend a couple of hours and it didn't cost us a penny. The instructor, Liam, is really good and know's his stuff so I'd recommend going and maybe booking onto one of the courses. I think we'll definitely be hiring a kayak again, if the sun ever comes out again. 

Sunday was a bit more relaxed. In the first two weeks of August we celebrate my sisters, Dads and brothers birthdays, so we had a family get together, pigged out on lasagne, eaton mess and cake, and had lots of cuddles and play time with Jack. Twas right lovely and I wish we did it more often.

Hope all had a fab weekend.



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