Thursday, 9 August 2012


About 6 weeks ago I wrote a post about a pretty awful meal Pomps and I had in Giraffe. The chicken in our burgers had been turned into charcoal and the fries had turned hollow, yummy hey? I wrote a letter of complaint including a photo of the food (we weren't asked how our food was until the plates were taken away), and received a £25 voucher to spend on 2 main meals on our next visit.

So last night, being an 'orange wednesday', we planned on using our voucher for dinner and then heading over to The Picturehouse to watch Batman. We were a bit reluctant to show our letter before ordering our good in case it turned up with a nice dollop of spit in it, but the staff were fantastic. We were served and seated by the main front of house guy who couldn't apologise enough for our last experience. We ordered garlic bread and a burger each, and I'm pleased to say it was all scrummy and good perfectly, you really couldn't fault it. When we asked for our bill the front of house guy came over and told us the difference on the bill was only £1.50 so to forget about it, he was just glad we enjoyed our meal.

Although a big part of me thinks we shouldn't have to complain, that should be the level of service and quality you receive every time, but I really can't emphasise enough how brilliant the food and service was, and I'd definitely go back there again. Plus Batman was AMAZING and I want to see that again too :)

Today also happens to be my Dad's birthday, so my little brother and I took him for breakfast at Bills cafe. I had some lovely french toast with berries, Dad and little bro had eggs. Unfortunately for them, both of their eggs had been over cooked to the point of being solid. Little bro mentioned this to our waitress, and lo and behold, they were given their meals for free. No one was hoping for free meals, maybe free coffees or something similar. It just show's that you don't have to accept rubbish food when you're paying a fair amount for it (well not this time anyway), but its also meant that we'll definitely go back again as we know their standards and service are both high.

By the way I don't always complain, only if its necessary :)

Hope you're having a good week. Oh look the suns come out, yipeeeeeeee!!



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