Monday, 16 June 2014

Dowland Country Fair

As my Dad was on holiday on Fathers day I tagged along with Rich and his Dad to Dowland Country Fair. Being a country girl it was right up my street: loads of dogs, vintage tractors and cars, falconry, horses, people playing the ukulele, and the feel of community spirit. For a country fair there was quite a lot going on and so many people. 


These Suffolk Punch horses are the biggest I have ever seen, they were seriously huge, none of the photos I took do them justice, but honestly they are giants!! 

My favourite part of the fair was the vintage tractors & cars, we even befriended the couple who owned an old Austin. They told us how they, Richard and the Dutchess (we don't know her name but she was dutch so...) married 40 something years ago. 6 months after the wedding Richard went out mumbling about an Austin, returning later with a rusty old car on the back of his trailer that he had paid £5 for. He restored it to to the beauty that it is today, along with a couple of other cars, and they have driven it all over the world, including along route 66 and from the USA to Argentina. It was fascinating and they were so lovely that they have invited us to their house to see their other cars and photos from their travels in their vintage cars, I can't wait and only hope I am as cool as them when I'm older.

I hope you all had a lovely fathers day.


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  1. Seems like a lovely time! I always enjoy fairs. The next one I plan on going to is in August and it celebrates all things Polish, as I embrace my heritage fully having visited Poland numerous times and speaking Polish and so on, I really want to attend!