Friday, 20 June 2014

Weston Super Mare

At the end of last month Rich and I had our annual pilgrimage to Weston Super Mare, taking his grandparents to visit Herman. Since our visit last year Herman has moved into a nursing home, after having a fall he was unable to go back to his own home which is a blessing in disguise, really. After his fall Herman went down to 8 stone, which for a 6ft tall man is not good, but now he is in the home and back up to 12 stone, looking healthy and well looked after. We didn't go in to see him this time, but he has a huge room overlooking the beach, where he waved us off from as we drove away - I love old people!!

Unlike last year the weather was fab so we strolled along the beach, taking in the view of the sea, the donkeys, and the typical Brits who share too much as soon as the sun comes out. It was a scorcher of a day, far too hot for the donkeys to be lugging kids up and down the beach, but very nice for sun worshipers like me. There had also been a vintage tractor show on on the seafront, so naturally I legged it to the side of the road to photograph them for Jack as they drove past, he still LOVES tractors.

You can read about our previous trips to see Herman here and here, it's a beautiful story!!



  1. Thats adorable. Ive never seen donkeys as beaches carrying people but its the cutest thing Ive heard of. We should start that tradition here in the states.

  2. As I scrolled down, I was thinking "donkey? on the beach" then "many donkeys! cute!" Did you get to ride on one?


    Another Beautiful Thing

    1. Haha, it's quite common here. They're only for kids to ride on (I did go on a couple when I was a kid). They looked so sad in the heat but so adorable also.