Friday, 27 June 2014

Pomps Patch #8

This month we will have owned our little plot at the allotment for 7 months!! Something I am really appreciating is much everything changes with each season. The first picture is one half of our plot when we first got it, compared to how it looks now in the picture below. I am really proud of how much we have managed to achieve in that time, and it's even better now that our first crops that we have grown from scratch, not inherited from the previous tenant, are ready for the picking. 


I scored these two produce crates at the recycling center for £2!!! I love them and am hoping they will be deep enough to grow carrots in.

I took this photo at the very end of May, and now look how much the beans have grown? They are producing their first batch of pods ready for the picking, get in my belly!!

This week I have transplanted the tomato plants, mangetout, runner beans and cauliflower, and will be sowing beetroot, lettuce, broccoli and carrots, ready for late summer and winter. It's all going on up at Pomps Patch, and I bloody love it!!

If you were curious, the plastic bottles are to prevent us from poking our eyes out on the canes, and also to keep the birds away as they rattle in the wind.



  1. That is so amazing. I never knew something like that existed where you can rent out plots of land for growing whatever you want. I live in the US and I haven't heard about anything like that.

    1. It seems to be quite a British thing but it's so good. I live in a flat so have no garden, this is a happy medium for now :)

  2. Wow, the change is amazing. I had a neighbour that had an allotment and she spent ages and ages down there, must be the relaxing feeling of gardening. Those strawberries look oh so yummy!!

    1. There's something really relaxing about popping up there after work on a sunny day, doing a bit of weeding and picking strawberries for pudding. But there are also days when you have so much do and it rains for weeks on end, so frustrating ha. Hope you're having a great holiday.x