Friday, 20 December 2013

Feeling festive

It is officially one week to go until Christmas, are you excited? I don't know if it's just because I'm getting older so appreciate the stress of the festive season a bit more, but there doesn't seem to be much christmas spirit around. Personally I blame the lack of Christmas films that have been on TV, it's just not right that Elf hasn't been on channel 4. Anyway.... I'm trying really hard to start feeling festive. Last weekend I put up the tree and decorated the flat, I even went for a wander around the Christmas market but didn't manage many photos before the rain came. 


This week is going to be hectic so I'm in planning mode. It's the last week of work and there is that big rush of things to get done before we shut until 2014, I need to finish wrapping presents and adding all the trimmings - because you HAVE to have trimmings, but also this Friday is my Nan's 90th birthday! So putting my degree in Events Management to good use, I've gone into party planning mode. I've hired the village hall, ordered a beast of a cake, I've made decorations, tomorrow I will be food shopping and on Friday night I will be baking/cooking my ass off. Anyone who gets to such a ripe old age deserves a little party, and fingers crossed (if everyone turns up), it will give her the opportunity to have all of grandchildren and great grandchildren together.

Are you feeling festive, or are you crumbling under the pressures of wrapping paper and curling ribbon?



  1. I was feeling festive but now it's turning to stress! Still have lots to do & the days are going so fast :( Have a fab party xx

  2. I've not been feeling particularly festive either this year although now I'm off work it may kick in... Hope your nan had an amazing birthday party!

  3. I'm so sad the holidays are nearing the end and soon all the lights and pretty decorations come down...