Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas at Cotley Farm

My nephew, Jack, is totally obsessed with all things farm related. To say he loves tractors is an understatement, show him a book on them and he can tell you which is which in his cute little voice, my favourite being when he says bombine (combine), adorable! Ask him what noise any farm animal makes and he will do an impression, it's just great. So on Sunday Erica, Jack and I joined Dad & Julie on their annual pilgrimage to Cotley Farm to get their Christmas tree. As soon as I heard that they have reindeer I was sold on the idea and was looking forward to seeing Jacks reaction to the animals.

The staff at Cotley Farm put on a great christmas experience. A couple of the sheds are opened up so you can go and see the lambs, piglets, calves and reindeer, all accompanied by free mulled wine and mince pies, then there is the christmas tree shop & the farm shop, full of meat (from the farm), cider, mulled wines and christmas decorations, it couldn't have been more festive. Obviously the animals were my favourite part, I mean I got to stroke a Reindeer for crying out loud. But Jacks reaction was just priceless. He adored the piglets and squealed the place down when they came near him, and there was a digger so it was a win win for him. If you're local to the Exeter/East Devon area then you should definitely go. For a free little outing it's brilliant and so entertaining.

At this point Jack was finding it hilarious to say "eat coat" to the lamb, while backing up and poking his arm through the railings. 

Seriously, look at that grin! He is the cutest.


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