Monday, 2 December 2013

Pomps Patch #3

Last week Rich and I made a start on building some raised beds. Our aim over the next few weeks is to prepare the existing raised beds by turning ground over and then covering them, ready for planting. We collected up the spare wood and got to work. I cleaned it all up and Rich drilled them together, he wanted to do the manly jobs with his new tools! Considering we'd never done anything like this before I think we've done quite a good job. It took us around 2 and a half hours to make 3 beds, not bad hey!

We made the beds in Rich's garden so we could take advantage of flat ground and electricity. As he lives 30 seconds away from the allotment, we carried the beds down and then began putting them in. We'd hoped it would be fairly easy as the basic shapes were there but we had a lot of leveling out to do to get them to fit. Plus it was nice to have two little helpers watching us while we worked, Percy and the ginger cat are best buds and excellent supervisors.

I love the view from our plot that looks over the allotment and the center of Exeter, it will be great in the summer.

We've had a week off from allotmenting due to birthday celebrations and a catch up with great friends, but it's full steam ahead this weekend. I'm planning on planting some onions and daffs ready for spring, yay!


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  1. It's looking stunning you guys are doing a great job :)