Saturday, 28 September 2013

FMS Photo a Day - August

I was just organising my photos on my laptop and it occurred to me that I hadn't uploaded my Fat Mum Slim photo a day August photos. I think I've done pretty well, I've attempted to do this a few times and forgot after a couple of days so this is definitely an improvement for me. There are a few days missing though, mainly at the end of the month when I came back from holiday and didn't do much other than washing, ironing and catching up on work, not particularly inspiring. So here are my August photos..

 1. Something beginning with N - a new notebook & a nectarine
 2. Incomplete - There are several animals missing in this photo
 3. Skyline - sunset
4. Fresh - fruit at a market
 5. Early - our flight to Amsterdam was SO early
6. This means a lot to me - an eternity ring from my Mum
 8. Peekaboo - poking her head over the covers
9. 2 o'clock - and the best lock screen ever
 10. Beverage - Horlicks before bed
11. I love doing this - knitting and reading in the sun
 12. Macro - hydrangeas
15. The Best - Springsteen & Clarence shaking their booties
 16. Cooking - cornflake crispie cakes
17. Exercise - on Claudia, obviously
 19. Lost - leaves on my succulent
21. Slow - my blanket is taking forever to knit (because I'm so slow)
 22. A room - my bedroom
23. Yellow - flowers
 24. In the background - my home screen
25. Culture - an old car
 26. Entrance - to the Amsterdam Museum
27. 10 minutes from home - from our home on holiday anyway
28. Corridor - in the hotel we stayed in
FMSphotoaday August challenge

I haven't done the September challenge but am looking forward to giving it a go again in October. 

If you've done it or a similar photo a day challenge please give me a link, I'd love to see your photos.



  1. I've thought of doing this so many times but I just don't have the time & I'm sure I'd forget! I love your lock screen..... great photo of Mr G :) xx