Monday, 23 September 2013


I can't believe we're almost at the end of September already. Although part of me is enjoying the last few bits of summer, I'm also looking forward to seeing the back of this month. I'm starting to yearn for crisp autumn days, snuggly knits and beautiful trees. This month has been trying to say the least, I'm pretty sure I've gained a few wrinkles and grey hairs. Last week I was driving out of work, putting my window down to soak up the warm weather and the motor died. This would have been pretty simple had my engine not played silly buggers while at the garage, just in time to fail its M.O.T! Yeah, cheers Betsy! Once that was sorted things got even better with a health scare in the family, thankfully it was just that, a scare, but the it's safe to say the week of worrying has resulted in some major exhaustion. 
On a more positive note I've had some pretty successful trips to the charity shops. I love these knitting needles so much and only 50p a pair. I'm hoping to get a full set in different colours. I've also found some amazing vintage fabrics, I'm hoping to turn some of them into dresses and others into cushions or something homely, once I've cracked this sewing machine malarky properly anyway. By the way if anyone fancies donating an hour or so of their time to give me a lesson I will love you forever and pay you in cake!! My final find was this Sadler apple sauce jar, my collection of these ugly faced jars is coming along nicely now.

I've also bought a couple of winter jumpers. I know, I know it's September but I'm not even sorry to have bought a christmas jumper, plus the snowman's nose is just amazing. I used my nectar points to get the fox jumper from Sainsburys, it's seriously snuggly so I'm looking forward to wearing my lovely free jumper when the weather cools down.
I've really been enjoying my walks to and from work lately. I seem to waste a good few minutes everyday just watching the birds bobbing along and going crazy when the 'bird man' comes to feed them at the same time every day.

I've had some great cuddles with Rich's furry friends over the past few weeks. Lilly the Dog is as full of love as ever, I'm sure she was destined to be a lap dog but sadly she's just a bit too heavy. 


On Thursday Rich text me with some really sad news. Eric aka the King had sadly been hit by a speeding car and is no longer with us. He was the grumpiest cat I have ever met, a loner who hated any affection, but he was one of a kind and I will miss him hogging the end of the bed and dodging my countless attempts at trying to stroke him without him flinching away. RIP Eric the cat, I miss you already!



  1. Sorry to hear of your troubles, I wish you a lovely new month!


  2. walking to work in the fall is a specific kind of happiness

  3. ah poor Eric :( Hope your family is all well now. I can't wait to wear my fox jumper but still too warm, it's hung up in my bedroom so I can look at it daily xx