Thursday, 15 January 2015

New York | Hells Kitchen Flea Market

Something I really wanted to do in New York was look around thrift stores and flea markets, well I failed big time at this apart from going to Hells Kitchen Flea Market, which is on every weekend, weather permitting, and is free. It also turns out that hardly anyone turns up to sell when it's zero degrees and keeps trying to snow, but we nosed at what was there none the less.

If I'd been able to get it home I definitely would have bought this record player, the colour and style are so awesome!!

I was hoping to find some vintage pyrex or the like but there were slim pickings so I left empty handed. I wouldn't have minded a few dozen vintage baubles too, those colours!!



  1. I always imagine the thrift stores and flea markets in the US to just be huge and awesome! I wouldn't have minded taking that blue suitcase home!

  2. I love this christmas baubles and necklaces. I so want to go shopping now. Great post.

  3.'re telling me those dinosaurs didn't make it home with you in your case? I love foreign flea marks, especially Berlin's Boxenhager Platz market. I'm always to shy to break the language barrier, but I love going anyhow!
    Donna xx
    Polkadot Pink