Friday, 30 January 2015

New York | Brooklyn Bridge

No trip to the big apple is complete without a walk across the most famous bridge in the world, the Brooklyn Bridge. Like a typical tourist, I bloody love it!! We'd walked down to the Statue of Liberty view point before heading over the bridge and our feet were tired, but we headed into Brooklyn none the less.

We had high hopes of hunting down Target but found out it was two trains away on the Subway so that idea went out the window pretty quickly. Next time America, next time. So we headed down towards Janes Carousel and had a nose in the shops at the foot of the bridge while we waited for sunset.



  1. I love the way that you get to walk about the cars. I always though people climbed up there to get the photos before I realised that's where you walked haha!

  2. It's so much better than regular bridges with pavements on the side, you can get right into the thick of it and get much nicer photos. I love that bridge haha.