Monday, 4 January 2016

2015 in Review

Hello there,

How the heck are we in 2016 already? After a year of really slacking on the old blog front, I'm really hoping to get focused and back into it, I miss you guys. 2015 was a year of change for me and all for the better, heres what happened:
  • I left a relationship that was making me unhappy and really focused on putting myself first;
  • I moved home and into my lovely flat (there will be a tour coming soon);
  • With a new home came some wonderful new people, some of whom have become my best friends and I am incredibly lucky to have met them;
  • Old friendships were rekindled, best friends got married and had babies;
  • The summer was full of adventures, beach bbq's and making so many memories;
  • Anna and I spent a lot, and also not enough, time at the gym, but more importantly together, I love this lady so, so much;
  • Dismaland blew my mind so much I went twice, I do love the weird and wonderful;
  • There were some interesting Tinder dates, ah Tinder, and some not so interesting, but mostly I've enjoyed having me time and being able to be totally selfish. 
I'm sure plenty more has happened than that, but these are definitely some of the highlights. I'm really excited to see what this year has to offer. I hope it's a wonderful one for all of you.

Lots of love


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