Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Let's get Nakd

You may remember that a little while ago Anna and I started our own attempt at a DIY slimming world type thing, calling it #fudgeitfatclub. Well we've (sort of) been keeping at it, and after a long chat, and kick up the bum, have decided to really have a proper go at it from now. The days of slacking at the gym and going to the beach for a bbq are over and I'm actually pretty excited about it. 

I'd been looking at healthy snack options, as one of my main downfalls with diets is getting bored of the same thing, especially if it's a bit dull or bland, so it was perfect timing when an email dropped in my inbox from Natural Balance Foods, with the opportunity to try out some of the Nakd healthy cereal bars. Despite hearing a lot of hype about Nakd, and a few criticisms of their high sugar content, I hadn't taken the plunge yet so was really looking forward to trying them out for myself.

Pretty much all of the gym classes Anna and I go to start at 6pm, by which point lunch seems like a distant memory. As there's only an hour between finishing work and starting the class, there isn't really any time to eat so I tend to snack on an apple while I'm walking to the gym, although I've found this doesn't really fill me up/give me much of an energy boost (getting wind half way through the class doesn't count, especially if that class is yoga!!), queue Nakd! The healthy cereal bars come in a variety of flavours, my personal favourite being Cafe mocha - yum, are a great size and really give you a good energy boost, as you can see from these photos of Anna and I goofing around before our yoga class.

My original idea for this post was to head down to the playing fields with Anna and take some photos of us doing some yoga in front of the Devon Knows graffiti and then chill out with a can or two of Pimms/Cider. Well that plan went out of the window when we found a load of guys playing football there, so we shuffled to the far side of the park instead. It was a silly idea really, have you ever tried to do Yoga while keeping a straight face, holding the perfect pose and not falling over? Yeah, don't bother. From the moment a small dog literally bounced over to us, Anna screamed and I nearly had an accident from laughing, heading straight for the cans was a far more sensible idea. Here are a couple of the out takes...

Update - Since writing this I have also discovered that the Nakd bars are great for dealing with hanger, you know when you're hungry and angry, and I will be keeping a stash on my person to give to all of my friends when they're having an outburst of hanger.

* A big thank you to Natural Balance Foods for sending me a lovely bundle of bars to try out. I am definitely a Nakd convert. 


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