Tuesday, 22 September 2015

#fudgeitfatclub | Gym wear

Hey up, it's been a while since I blogged about #fudgeit, and anything else for that matter, but I thought I'd do a little update, mainly because I've been eyeing up some new gym wear and am super keen to hear your thoughts and recommendations. I'm a big fan of fun gym wear, I'm not a naturally sporty person so being head to toe in 'Nike' and the like doesn't really float my boat, hideously awesome leopard print leggings however are right up my street. Here are a couple of things I've been nosing at lately:

Gym wear

Vest | Wallet | Crop top | Mint vest | Bottle | Hairbands | Leggings | Pink vest | Shorts

My absolute favourite place for buying gym wear is H&M. If you're after decent quality, affordable and fun (without a brand name plastered all over it), it's the place to go. As a rule I begrudge forking out a ton of money for clothes that I'm hoping will be too big before long, and will never see the light of day outside of the gym because let's face it, I won't even run for a bus! 

Another favourite is Tu at Sainsburys! Their 'moisture control' leggings are the bomb, with a cotton blend they're a lot less sweaty but still don't make it look like you've wet yourself. We know we get a sweaty crotch, we don't have time to be worrying about who can see it too! They wash well and hold their shape/colour so I highly recommend them if you're in the market.

Have you got any gym wear gems? I'm always up for hearing recommendations.


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