Friday, 29 May 2015


So Pilates, something I am very new to and have only done three classes. So far I love it! I have shockingly bad posture, which I blame sitting at a desk for, and it is definitely helping me straighten my back. 

I'd heard a lot of good things about Pilates, and seen some great results and I can see why, it is harder than it looks! It's similar to yoga in many ways, there are a fair amount of similar moves, but the difference is you repeat them a hell of a lot more. Again, we have a lovely instructor, Caroline, who is the bees knees at teaching. She's also told us that she's made a new playlist with a bit of Springsteen, I now love her more than ever! 

The most memorable movement so far, the Clam! You lie on your side and repeatedly open and close your legs like a clam, funnily enough. It sounds easy, but when you're doing it for the 20th/30th/40th time, your thigh and bum cheeks are feeling the burn! 

As with every other class there are some absolute delights who attend with us, the worst being the 'power couple'. Yoga and Pilates are back to back classes, and so as we pack up for Yoga, the pilates lot would come into the room and try and get our spots, to the extent where some people actually put their belongings on top of me, cheers for that! Now these two, they come in after doing Body Pump, wanting our spots and then rolling their eyes when they can't have them because guess what, we do Pilates now too, bitches!! During my first Pilates class power couple decided to keep telling me I was doing it wrong. I appreciate constructive criticism as much as the next person, but it is not YOUR job to try and tell me off, especially when the instructor is already teaching me how to do it. It is now an ongoing joke between Anna and I that we are 'doing it wrong'!

I'll keep you posted with my Pilates progress, and tales of the dingbats who join us!


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