Thursday, 21 May 2015


Ah Yoga, my favourite of classes of the week! For a long time I was put off Yoga because of the spiritualness of it all, that and the fact that I have NEVER been able to touch my toes, cheers muffin top! One of my goals for the year was to try new classes, queue Yoga! 

The type of Yoga we practice is Ashtanga Yoga with a very lovely lady called Dawn. After catching Anna and I taking photos of each other doing yoga poses last week, she's become interested in how we share our yoga/fitness stories on our blogs, and is helping us to reach our goals. Anna is perfecting her downward facing dog, I'm trying to touch my toes and have flat feet when I also do downward dog. She's an absolute gem and I'm so glad we have her. 

Now for the fun stuff our fellow yogis!! Anna has described them so well here but I don't think these guys can be talked about enough! So here we go..

Farty Pants - it's something we all fear will happen, we clench our cheeks like there's no tomorrow, but sometimes it just pops out. Maybe it was her mat, maybe it was a bum burp, ok it was definitely a bum burp, but she's never been back since!

Captain Breathy -! Unlike Pilates, with Yoga we practice ujjayi breath which is basically deep breathing through your nose, quietly. Simple enough, no? Apparently not for Captain Breathy who sounds like Darth Vader. No matter how far away you are from him, all you can hear is his breath. He's so loud you end up focusing on his breathing rather than your own. And to make matters worse, he tries to show off by being one step ahead of each move. You'll be pleased to hear this backfired last week as we did a different move to normal, resulting in him losing his balance and falling over, it was amazing!! Even Dawn laughed and she encourages us not to have negative 'thought monkeys', in yo' face Captain!!

Pat the Twat - well he's exactly what he sounds, a twat! He's rude and considers himself a professional because he does yoga every day. Well guess what mate, if you're so good instruct your own class, if not then shut up and let Dawn teach us, yeah?

And finally, the new guy! Now I don't want to be rude, we're all there for the same reason, but most of us try and dress appropriately. By appropriately I mean we wear clothes that fit, but not new guy. No I'm pretty sure he shops in the child section because his shorts In fact we're pretty sure his little friend has been poking out on several occasions. If you ever read this new guy, please buy some budgie smugglers or something, anything, just keep the mouse in the house!!

Here are a couple of outtakes from our pre yoga fun times, you'll have to excuse the blur from our jumping..

Keep an eye out for more yoga stories coming soon.


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