Tuesday, 12 May 2015


One of the classes I do every week is Les Mills Body Combat. Combat is a non contact, high energy martial arts workout, so basically 55 minutes of punching and kicking, followed by a brutal ab workout and heavenly cool down. It's fairly brutal and I absolutely love it. 

Our instructor, Karly, is absolutely brilliant and totally crazy. There is nothing like having a woman with a seriously toned body in front of you as motivation, she will not let you slack no matter how tired you are.

One thing I love about fitness classes is the variety of people, mainly women, who go. There are the insanely fit ladies, the ladies there to sweat like mad and see great changes, and then there are the space invaders, the people void of understanding as to what 'personal space' is. Anna, Harry and I stand at the front of the class, not to show off, but because we like to have space (and the breeze from the door), but no matter how far forward we go, Captain Kicky just edges closer and closer. Now I know I may sound unreasonable BUT she starts about 6ft away from us, and within a few punches and kicks she'll be close enough to almost kick you, it drives me bonkers. So Captain Kicky, this is for you...

If you want to read up/watch a few videos about Body Combat you can check out the Les Mills website or look on YouTube, it's so much fun!!


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