Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Wonderful Wednesdays

Welcome back to my Wednesday wish list feature. Here I will share some of my favourite finds from the last week and give you a little more of an insight into my kind of style, and this week I'm on the hunt for some new swimwear. Now we're officially in spring I want to try and get to the pool (indoor) more so here is what I've been eyeing up..



  1. Oooh you are such a 50s girls it would seem! I desperately need new swimming clothes after having put on weight but can't find anything. The green one above is about the coverage I'd like.


  2. I do love 50s fashion. Apart from the strap size the George swimsuits are pretty much identical. I've just bought a couple and they're so flattering & very supportive. xx

  3. These are wonderful! I've been hoping to get a vintage-inspired bathing suit for ages. No luck so far, but then again, I don't really swim a lot, so perhaps it's just not a very high priority for me… I'd still really love one though;)