Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Wednesday Wish List #100

Welcome back to my Wednesday wish list feature. Here I will share some of my favourite finds from the last week and give you a little more of an insight into my kind of style.

Spring forward


  1. I'm lucky enough to own a very similar raincoat from Joules and I love it. I had it on all weekend!

    I love the dress, very Alice :)

    Chloe x

  2. Ha haha love all of it especially the coat! ;)

  3. I love the colour of that raincoat, they're the kind of coats I always wanted growing up to jump around in puddles with! Lovely post! - Tasha

  4. Thank you!! I know exactly what you mean!! I have the coat in red and want the matching wellie boots to go with it. xx

  5. They're such great coats aren't they?
    I'm seriously pining after this dress, gingham summer dresses are my favourite. xx

  6. It's so nice - it makes me long for autumn weather but now it's spring so I've had to put my coat away - I should probably invest in a proper raincoat for next year!