Monday, 20 April 2015

New York | Day Five | Williamsburg

On our final day in New York we spent the morning in Williamsberg looking for red brick buildings, hipsters and graffiti. The only thing we didn't see too much of were the red brick buildings, but that's given me a great excuse to go back again!

Willamsberg is the up and coming part of Brooklyn, it's full of independent shops, cafes and 'hipsters' - I don't even really understand what a hipster is but if it has a beard I will follow it!! Anyway there were so many old factory buildings that had been converted into loft apartments, I could happily have lived in any one of them.

My favourite part of Williberg was the street art, it was everywhere. I'm not even a little bit clued up when it comes to graffiti artists, but they definitely deserve some serious recognition. The hipster dog drinking coffee was by far my favourite, if only he was real.

It was worth the track in the freezing cold just for the view of Manhattan. If I could wake up to that every day I would be so flippin' happy!



  1. I never made it over to Williamsburg, there was so much to do in Manhattan that I didnt even go over to Brooklyn for the first few weeks! I really want to go back and explore some more of the city now I've done the touristy sites.

  2. I really wish I'd taken the time to go to Brooklyn. Let's book a holiday with Erica and we can go exploring!!

  3. I've really been enjoying your New York photos! We are going to look into booking our trip after payday, so these posts just make me extra excited!