Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wonderful Wednesdays

Welcome back to my Wednesday wish list feature. Here I will share some of my favourite finds from the last week and give you a little more of an insight into my kind of style. As it's my birthday on Friday I thought I'd share my birthday wish list, enjoy...

Birthday Wish List

Converse | Antlers | Handbag | Kimono | Armani Code | Naked Palette | Candle | Vans

I really struggled to think of things I would like for my birthday this year, so I've picked a selection of practical and fun things, because you can never have too many shoes, bags and make up.



  1. I've wanted the Naked palette for so long! It's just so expensive. I found an Ulta brand one that I am looking forward to trying. The colors are really similar.
    Love the kimono too!

  2. I don't know if you can get Make Up Revolution in America or if it's a UK thing but their palettes are identical and the quality is just as good as UD but they're only £4/$6. I can't recommend them enough. xx

  3. Cool! I'll check it out for sure! Thanks!