Monday, 9 March 2015

Same Quay, different day

Whenever the sun comes out I can't resist a walk around Exeter Quay. I love having a nose at the graffiti underneath the bridges, especially when something new has popped up. 

This time of year is particularly special because ALL of the animals are starting to mate, I kid you not! I've seen pigeon, frog and swan rudies over the past couple of weeks. If ever there was a sign that spring is almost here it's the brutal courtship that leads to swan sex, ha!

The best part of my walk was seeing a couple of loved up swans making a heart shape, I never thought I'd see it in person and it was pretty beautiful!

Hope you had a great weekend.



  1. Haha swan sex is brutal! I love those photo's of the swans making a heart shape.x

  2. Animals can be so brutal yet so cute at the same time! I just found a nice place full of graffiti quite close to our house! I'm excited to get down there on a nice day and take a look!