Thursday, 12 March 2015

New York | Central Park

From the moment we booked our trip to New York I started hoping that it would snow while we were there. The thought of walking through a snow covered Central Park was a great one and with their standard cold, snowy winter weather I thought our chances were good. Well we had no snow while we were there, the beautiful white stuff waited for us to leave before giving the East coast some of the biggest amounts of snow fall for years.

But anyway, I wasn't going to complain about the lack of snow too much because we had pretty great weather the whole time we were there. On a particularly sunny day we ventured up to Central Park for a wander around and a visit to the ice rink and Strawberry Fields.


If I ever move to New York I will definitely be learning how to rollerblade/ice skate like the cool New Yorkers do. Seriously, it's just like the movies!!



  1. Seriously. There is just no end to my jealousy. I visited New York as a stroppy teenager, didn't really appreciate it and have spent the following 15 years regretting it. You are seriously rocking the woolly hat - uber cute! It looks like you had an uh-mazing time!
    Donna x
    (Once a thrifter, always a thrifter ;-))

  2. Awesome photos!! Especially the 3rd one down, you should blow it up and have it on your wall! haha
    My Mam and Dad would love to go to New York. Minus the camera you guys look super at home there. Im glad you enjoyed even though it didnt snow!


  3. Central park is definitely a place I would love to see in NYC, we started planning our Christmas trip to New York over the weekend and we've added it to the list! That and what seems like a million other things haha!